1 Ashley Daley Photography: First Birthday

Located in Paris, France

Sunday, March 6, 2016

First Birthday

My littlest recently turned 1 so we decided to do a little cake smash with her.

Unfortunately, right around her actual birthday, she was pretty sick so we waited until after our visit to Rome (more on that later) to actually do the cake smash.

Don't mind the cake! I had to move quickly so we didn't lose daylight, which caused me to frost a warm banana cake (you can find the recipe here- it's really yummy!) and, of course, melt the frosting. Oh well. Better luck next time! :)

She was the daintiest little cake eater.

Of course, big sister wanted in on the cake too!

I had a lot of fun taking the pictures and the girls had a lot of fun tasting the cake. They are just too cute. I can't believe our baby girl is already 1!

**Stay tuned for more on our trip to Rome. I'll be adding several posts in the next couple of weeks all about it!

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