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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

30 Day Challenge

For the month of June, I participated in Click It Up a Notch's Picture a Day. The challenge was pretty easy, just pick up your camera everyday and take a picture, edit it, and upload it. I chose to upload my photos to my facebook page.

That said, I definitely did not take a photo everyday! Oh well. :) It was still a lot of fun and I think I definitely learned a lot. Especially about taking good indoor photos (which I really don't do as often). You can see all the photos I did take below:

I love this photo of London playing Peek-A-Boo
We love the swings! And London's new shoes. ;)
Our cat, Pip, doing some bird-watching
Round and round she goes!
We love the Aquarium of the Pacific!
All dressed up and ready for church. She likes to wear pearls just like her Mama ;)
Walking like such a big girl with her Daddy
Reading is definitely one of London's favorite activities
Happy Father's Day!
Picking pretty flowers
We heart flowers.
Finger painting is such a great toddler activity!
Sleepy early mornings with my baby
Little Gardener in the making. Also our awesome tomato! It's almost ripe and ready to eat as I write this!
So obviously I didn't take one once a day like I was supposed to. I think I got about half the month. Oops! :) That's okay though. The important thing is that I definitely took more pictures of our everyday life than I ever normally do! And it's a lot of fun looking back on these little memories.

We have a lot going on the month of July, but I definitely would like to do more 30 day picture challenges! What photo challenges have you participated in? Feel free to comment below. I would love to hear about them and try them out!

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