1 Ashley Daley Photography: Finters Maternity Session

Located in Paris, France

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Finters Maternity Session

Last weekend I got to do a maternity session for some of my best friends, Nina and Landon. Nina is just one week ahead of me in her pregnancy so it's always fun to chat about how each of us are doing. We went down to Pearl Street Beach in Laguna Beach (which was such a beautiful beach!). We got a little bit of rain, but Nina and Landon were such good sports about all of it and they still looked beautiful! Overall, we all had a great time and I think the photos turned out really well. I'm so excited to meet the Finters' Baby Boy next month!

This was after our session was over and we were just standing and chatting. I love being able to capture moments like this!

The cutest baby bump
One of my favorites

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